Midlands Kinesiology


Maeve managed to do what several GPs and a couple of consultants couldn’t. So since I was 11 (now 26) I have had chronic constipation. Going weeks without going to the toilet. Longest stretch was 3 weeks. Doesn’t sound believable but believe me, I lived it. I was hospitalised twice my constipation got so bad. Doctors tried everything and I had every test twice. Still no reason why and no treatment was overly effective. Doctors solution 8 sachets of movicol daily. Which is not sustainable for anyone. I also had issues with taking so much medication. Then I heard about BioKinesiology, and with nothing to lose I gave it a go. It has been the best decision I ever made (even though I wasn’t even really sure what it was) Maeve uncovered that I was gluten intolerant and I had a bacterial and fungal overgrowth in my bowel. My liver was also under a lot of pressure from being constipated for so long. To cut a long story short, 6 sessions later I’m a new woman. I had to take certain supplements and natural remedies to detox my bowel and liver, and altered my diet a bit. I am now going regularly, have more energy, am feeling happier, and my skin is in much better form. People are commenting on how good I look- I feel like a new person. Maeve is great and genuinely had an interest in helping me and was determined to sort out my issues. Very easy going and always good for a laugh. BioKinesiology doesn’t hurt and I’m pretty sure all recommendations are natural which is better than filling your body with toxins. If there’s something not right give BioKinesiology a go