Midlands Kinesiology

Geraldine Dolan

Where do I start, I came across Midlands Kinesiology on Instagram and as that saying goes ‘what’s for you won’t pass you’.. Maeve is excellent she makes you feel at home and puts your mind at ease from the moment you step into the room. I suffered with sinuses (constant hungover feeling)and migraines for years and tried everything and when I came across Midlands Kinesiology I said, “Sure why not!?” and I am delighted I did: 6 months on and I’m a new woman not alone our my sinuses and migraines no more, I’m full of energy not tired and sluggish anymore I feel energetic I just feel great😊 . There’s only one person to thank and that is Maeve and I’m delighted I came across midlands kinesiology and I would highly recommend it to anyone that just doesn’t feel like themselves Maeve will work her wonders, thanks again Maeve x