Midlands Kinesiology

Dee Rushe Breslin

I went to Maeve in urgent need to sort out my reflux problem I was having the tablets just weren’t kicking in for me & It was getting worse like constant acid building up to my mouth & was so sore.. So Maeve checked me out for food intolerances & gave me a few different products to try, tablets, drops of different types of stuff like zinc, garlic loads of stuff to detox my body I’ve been to her a number of times it took a while to get rid of all the bad toxins & stuff that was causing my reflux.. I feel great now & am feeling much better & I know what foods to avoid. Maeve is the nicest kinesiologist you could go to I couldn’t recommend her enough. Highly recommend her to anyone that has any problems 👏 Nice & friendly service always feel safe & comfortable & if you put in the work it will work for you too 😍