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So what exactly IS BioKinesiology?!

So what exactly IS BioKinesiology!?

Kinesiology is becoming one of the fastest growing complementary health therapies in the world, but we often hear people say “Kinesi-what?!” Kinesiology (pronounced kin-ee-zee-ology)  is a therapy that involves muscle testing, which gets an honest answer from your body, using various muscles and testing them for strength or weakness. Muscle testing gets to the cause of what’s going on and what’s causing your illness or symptoms. Muscle testing is essentially the same as a lie-detector test and we get information from the subconscious mind- what this means is, the body never lies and we can uncover exactly what your body actually needs to heal itself. Here at Midlands Kinesiology, we focus on a particular type of Kinesiology called Biokinesiology, which assesses the chemistry of the body, such as toxicity, energy production & hormonal balance, using nutrition to help correct any deficiencies.

Kinesiology reveals if there is a structural, chemical/nutritional, emotional or energetic cause or element to every illness and sometimes an illness or condition is caused by a mix of these elements being off balance. For example, have you ever heard of skin conditions or migraines being ‘related to stress’? or someone saying “It flares up when I get stressed!” ? A lot of illnesses are underpinned by negative emotions and emotions can affect us deeply, even if we feel we have ‘dealt’ with something. Along with food intolerance testing, toxicity testing (bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasites, heavy metals, chemicals/pesticides, & radiation testing, we also check hormone pathways, ATP (energy) production pathways, liver pathways and vitamin and mineral supplements and what your body requires.

bowel.pngThe best way to describe exactly how kinesiology can help you, is for us to tell you about how we have helped clients with different conditions. In this weeks blog, we will look at a very common complaint we see every week in clinic; IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Sinead’s IBS

Sinead* came to us with IBS and complained of frequent constipation, which had been going on since her teens.  She had been for a colonoscopy under the advice of her GP and had been diagnosed with IBS and told to take certain medications to deal with her symptoms. When we met Sinead at first, her energy was as low as 3/10 every day and she felt bloated and sluggish all of the time. In our first consultation, Sinead’s body revealed that her IBS was a result of an imbalance in her body in a number of ways: chemically (bacterial overload and fungal overgrowth) nutritionally and emotionally.

  1. Chemical / Toxicity Imbalance:

Kinesiology uncovered that Sinead had a bacterial and fungal overgrowth, which was preventing her bowel from absorbing the correct amount of vitamins and minerals from her food. The result? Sinead felt tired and sluggish all the time, because toxins from bacterial and fungal waste were building up in her bowel and resulting in everything slowing down. This was also causing Sinead a lot of discomfort and resulting in a lot of wind/ gas build up, which smelled particularly unpleasant. She had thought this was ‘normal’ for someone with ‘IBS’, when in fact, her body was in a toxic state, with waste products from her diet and also from bacteria and fungi building up inside her, causing excess gas and bloating.

  1. Food Sensitivity:

Sinead was also showing an intolerance to milk and she was also not digesting cheese very well. She liked cheese, but always felt bloated after eating it and complained of sinus and mucus in her throat at times as well. Because Sinead was not digesting dairy properly, the bacteria and fungus in her system were feeding off half digested food and multiplying, making her symptoms worse. I explained to Sinead that the reason she was not digesting dairy properly was because she was not producing certain enzymes properly. This was something we would correct, once we had dealt with the bad bacteria and fungus within her bowel.

  1. Emotions:

Finally, there was also an emotional element to Sinead’s problem and her body revealed that she was ‘holding on’ to grief from the death of a family member a few years previously. In Kinesiology, as well as in Chinese medicine, the body stores the energy of different emotions in certain organs. It is in the bowel and lungs that grief and sadness are stored. Sinead was essentially ‘holding on’ to her sadness, which also had an impact on her bowel health. She thought she had fully dealt with this grief, but her body and subconscious mind was actually holding on to this sadness and grief, which had an impact on the energy of the bowel.

How we treated Sinead’s IBS

  1. Remove toxicity: 

Sinead needed a certain herbal supplement for 4 weeks to kill off the bad bacteria within her bowel. She also needed a particular high strength probiotic (good bacteria supplement) called Super 12 to fight the fungus that had gotten out of control and replenish the good bacteria in her digestive system. She had been on 2 antibiotics within the past 12 months which had also wiped out her store of good bacteria. Replenishing her store of useful or good bacteria would strengthen her immune system, line her entire digestive system, sinuses and throat, and help her digest her food properly.

  1. Dietary change:

In order to remove the food source the bacteria were feeding on, we recommended Sinead cut out dairy entirely for a period of 6 weeks. We tested Sinead on alternatives to dairy, such as soya, coconut and almond, which she tested strong to. These are good alternatives to dairy that most people tolerate well. Sinead committed to following a dairy-free diet while she was being treated.

  1. Emotions:

To help Sinead’s body deal with the grief from her loss, her body needed a combination flower essence from Australian Bush flowers. These essences have been used for hundreds of years in Australia and Aboriginals used these essences long before anyone had the choice of using pharmaceutical drugs. Sinead took a combination of Bush flowers ‘Sturt Desert Pea’ and also ‘Boronia‘.

kineiologySinead made the recommended changes and came to see us for her second consultation 4 weeks later. She reported a huge improvement in her bowel within 10 days of making some minor dietary changes!

It took 4 sessions of kinesiology to fully correct Sinead’s constipation/ IBS problem and dairy intolerance. In Sinead’s 2nd session, we corrected her inability to produce certain enzymes; she required a zinc supplement, along with continuing on the high strength probiotic, Super 12. We also focused on an energetic correction for her large intestine, strengthening her meridian, which helped her bowel heal itself further.

If our bodies are not in balance, have a toxic overload, or are not absorbing vitamins or minerals correctly, this can lead to dis-ease. We all have the ability to heal ourselves if we give our bodies the chance. Kinesiology can help you get back to full health if you are willing to make the changes to help your body get back into balance.

What can kinesiology help with?

Kinesiology can help treat over 80% of known conditions, including toxicity issues, energy/ fatigue issues, digestive and hormonal issues, skin problems and stress-related conditions.

How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions required will depend on whether your problem is chronic (lasting longer than 3-6 months), or acute. The longer you have had a problem, the longer it may take to correct.  However, over 70-80% of patients feel a noticeable difference in as little as 2-3 sessions.

For a FREE phone consultation, pop us an enquiry, or call Maeve on 0906400184 or 0852841802 to see if we can help YOU get back to feeling 100% for 2018! 

In next weeks’ blog, we will look at Psoriasis and hear Derek’s story on how biokinesiology helped him get back to feeling and looking good in only 3 sessions!

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*For confidentiality reasons, all client names have been changed in our blog posts.

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Did you know? Up to 90% of our serotonin or ‘feel good’ hormone is produced in our gut! Another good reason to keep your bowel healthy!



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4 years ago

I’m always happy to see well put-together articles about what we do and how it works! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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Shelly connolly
4 years ago

Been to maeve she’s amazing need to.get back

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Fab article..not surprised though, you’re outstanding 😍😘

Thomas Hewitt
Thomas Hewitt
3 years ago

Thank you so much looking forward to meeting you