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Client Feedback

Hearing our client’s feedback gives such meaning to our work and it inspires us to want to help more people.

Our business is only as good as the results we get so please send us your feedback, we would love to hear your thoughts on your experience of Midlands Kinesiology

I visited Maeve about 2 years ago with my daughter who has asthma, I was sick of going to doctors & the amount of antibiotics and steroids went through (6 months of constant visit to doctors, at one stage she was on 3 different antihistamines plus her third antibiotic and steroids). While I was waiting for her to see a specialist, I heard about Maeve 😍(which by the way 2 years later, we still haven’t seen the specialist) but thankfully don’t need him/her anymore because of Maeve. My daughter hasn’t needed an antibiotic or steroid since I cant thank you enough Maeve you have changed her life and mine! From a very grateful mother you are brilliant at what you do thank you so much xx

Karen McLoughlin

“I’ve used Maeve for years and she’s my go to person with any ailments or suspected allergies, intolerances etc. I would choose her any day over a doctor. I’ve been to a doctor on numerous occasions before regarding a persisting kidney pain and every time they told me I was fine, but the pain didn’t go away. After a session with Maeve and some remedies she recommended the pain went away. I couldn’t sing her praises high enough. I think we live in a society now where we are led to believe we need to trust in our doctors and health system but I would turn to kinesiology every single time, rather than pump my body with unnecessary drugs.”

Sharon O’Hara

Maeve is so thorough and professional. I found kinesiology so beneficial and am so grateful to have found her. I was suffering with low mood, low energy, high anxiety and serious sugar cravings. I had chronic fatigue, joint pains, really bad anxiety, very low mood. I decided to try BioKinesiology and I followed a straight forward treatment plan and slowly began to feel better. I learned so much from Maeve during the process, like the digestive enzymes in your stomach need to be optimal to prevent re-infection of parasites/ bacteria etc. As a result, I no longer crave sugary foods and my mood and energy are so much better now thankfully.

Aoife Cosgrove

I went to Maeve on a recommendation of a family member and have since brought my two children and recommended her to others. I went for hormonal issues and not being able to sleep. She had it sorted within 2 sessions and sorted my daughters constant cough and wheeze and my son had constipation. This type of kinesiology is brilliant. You wont regret trying it.

Angie Tyrell

Maeve’s a legend and is always genuinely passionate about helping you the best she can. She has loads of knowledge and doesn’t cut any corners in getting you back to your healthy self. She really helped me with my chronic sinusitis.

John Shanagher